Students’ performance at the closing ceremony indicated that they had learned a great deal. They sang and chanted Chinese songs, performed Chinese kung fu, demonstrated Peking opera and Uygur dance, and displayed their Chinese writing, calligraphy, and word art.

5-1 Beijing Class Presents
5-2 Hangzhou Class Presents
5-3 Xi’an Class Presents
5-4 Wulumuqi Class Presents
5-5 Receiving a Certificate

5-1-1 Chinese Songs
5-1-2 Chinese Songs
5-1-3 Chinese Songs
5-1-4 Fitness Dance
5-1-5 Fitness Dance
5-1-6 Fitness Dance
5-2-1 Ribbon Dance
5-2-2 Ribbon Dance
5-2-3 Ribbon Dance
5-2-4 Seaweed Dance
5-2-5 Seaweed Dance
5-2-6 Seaweed Dance
5-2-7 Foods I Like
5-2-8 Foods I Like
5-3-1 Dragon_s Successors
5-3-2 Dragon_s Successors
5-3-3 Chinese Kung Fu
5-3-4 Chinese Kung Fu
5-4-1 Chinese Kung Fu
5-4-2 Chinese Kung Fu
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