Participants of the 2017 program had ample opportunity to communicate in the Chinese language in a culturally appropriate way. Their learning activities included:

a. Art Projects: Paper Cutting and Paper Folding
b. Calligraphy
c. Dancing
d. Drawing
e. Field Trip
f. Games-Chinese Yoyo, Bingo, Mahjong, and Jianzi/ Shuttlecock
g. Making Dumplings
h. Morning Exercises
i. Music-Chinese Zither
j. Sports- Shaolin Kung Fu

Art Projects-Paper Cutting 1
Art Projects-Paper Cutting 2
Art Projects-Paper Cutting 3
Art Projects-Paper Folding 1
Art Projects-Paper Folding 2
Calligraphy 1
Calligraphy 2
Calligraphy 3
Calligraphy 4
Calligraphy 5
Calligraphy 6
Calligraphy 7
Dancing-Little Apple 1
Dancing-Little Apple 2
Dancing-Little Apple 3
Dancing-Manual of Youth 1
Drawing-Happy Birthday
Field Trip-Chinese Food and Beyond
Field Trip-Eating Etiquette in China
Game-Playing Mahjong
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