Our instructors helped students increase their language skills and cultural understanding by providing immersion experiences. Students listened to greetings, courtesy phrases, and short conversations between native speakers, and responded to requests with gestures and body language. Students also listened to information about names, nationality, age, birthdays, zodiac signs, family members and pets, hobbies, food preferences, living environment, and cultural activities.

Instruction 1-Morning Circle
Instruction 2 -Story about Mulan
Instruction 3-Paper Cutting
Instruction 4-I Can Count in Chinese
Instruction 5-Great Wall in China
Instruction 6-Chinese Mahjong 1
Instruction 7-Where Do You Live_
Instruction 8-Playing a Sport
Instruction 9-Traveling to Xi'an
Instruction 10-Telling Date
Instruction 11-Telling Day of the Week
Instruction 12-Calligraphy
Instruction 13-Calligraphy
Instruction 14-Calligraphy
Instruction 15-Calligraphy
Instruction 16-Chinese Zither
Instruction 17-Chinese Zither
Instruction 18-Making Dumplings
Instruction 19-Making Dumplings
Instruction 20-Writing Chinese Character...
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