The 2017 program had a series of cultural workshops featuring Chinese festival-related activities:

a. Making a lantern at the Mid-Autumn Festival
b. Connecting calligraphy with Chinese painting at the Double Yang Festival
c. Making dumplings at the Winter Solstice
d. Practicing holiday greetings at the Spring Festival
e. Interacting with Beijing Opera performers at the Lantern Festival.

Workshop-Beijing Opera 1
Workshop-Beijing Opera 2
Workshop-Beijing Opera 3
Workshop-Beijing Opera 4
Workshop-Beijing Opera 5
Workshop-Beijing Opera 6
Workshop-Beijing Opera 7
Workshop-Chinese Painting 1
Workshop-Chinese Painting 2
Workshop-Chinese Painting 3
Workshop-Chinese Painting 4
Workshop-Chinese Painting 5
Workshop-Chinese Painting 6
Workshop-Making Dumplings 1
Workshop-Making Dumplings 2
Workshop-Making Dumplings 3
Workshop-Making Dumplings 4
Workshop-Making Lanterns 1
Workshop-Making Lanterns 2
Workshop-Making Lanterns 3
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